Evropa Esthetics & Spa

  • Front-End Design
  • Development
  • SEO

I had the pleasure of crafting a website for Evropa Esthetics & Spa, one of Canada’s top waxing spas located in Vancouver, BC.

Each page was carefully copywritten and SEO taken into consideration the whole way.



  • C#/.NET
  • WinForms
  • Windows Services

A lightweight and easy to use program for keeping records of, and services performed for clients.

Clientele uses a no non-sense approach to user interfaces. The only thing missing is a heavy manual.

MD5 Viewer (Doom 3 Models)

  • C++
  • Direct3D 10

For a personal study in 3D model file formats, renderers and Direct3D, I developed a full Doom 3 model renderer.

Supports the texturing, shading and skeletal animation features of the format. Code specific to OpenGL omitted.


Infantry Online Server (Emulator)

  • C#/.NET
  • Network Programming

Fully-scriptable server for Infantry Online. A group achievement of many different talents. Open source, community driven and mod friendly.

I helped write the Directory Server, Asset loading library, and helped with numerous additions and bug fixes.

H&D2/Mafia .DTA Extractor

  • C/Win32
  • x86 Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering

The first Hidden & Dangerous 2 DTA extractor that successfully unpacks all the files. As an added bonus, works with archives from Mafia, and is open source.

Best used with Hawk's GUI front-end.